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Georgia Beers is Woman-Stirred

Bywater Books 2014
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Angie's family is fun and big and gathers for Sunday dinner every week. Jillian's family is small and reserved and her mother terribly disappointed that her daughter is a lesbian. But the two meet and fall in love and build a life together that straddles the tensions of careers, the acceptance and adaptation to changing scenarios, the disappointments of love and sex, friendship and betrayal, and ultimately reaffirming love and loyalty.
Join us this week on Woman-Stirred Radio for an interview with award-winning author Georgia Beers. We'll talk about her new novel, Olive Oil & White Bread, and of the decisions and the creative strategies she used in writing it.
Olive Oil & White Bread is skillfully paced, gifted with terrific characters, well-crafted dialogues,, and an interesting look inside the industry of logo promotions. Beer addresses the mundane and the quirky aspects of lesbian partnership and the difficult process of moving gracefully through life's triumphs as well as let-downs. 
Georgia Beers
Georgia Beers just wants “to become the best writer I can be.” She already has a Lambda Literary Award and six Golden Crown Literary Society Awards to her name, and is one of the best-selling authors of lesbian romance. But from the start she has always wanted to get better.
She began cautiously enough: first a journal; next, essays and short stories; then she met other authors online. And the more she practiced, the more determined she became. She could write what sells best—or she could write what she preferred. And that meant lesbian fiction.
Her first draft was accepted for publication straightaway. Since then, she’s developed a rigorous process for writing. Any idea that comes her way gets written straight down onto an index card. It may be as simple as “A meets B,” or it may be a great line she’s overheard, but once it’s down on a card, it won’t be forgotten. The cards pile up, the details of the story gradually emerge, and when she’s sure she’s got what she needs, she spreads the cards out on the table—and orders the details of the story into line.
Then she gets down to work. Though apparently she’s pretty lazy. She says she’s got a lousy attention span, writes only in spurts, and sometimes avoids her desk by taking her vacuum for a walk.
Georgia’s first Bywater title, 96 Hours, was published in October 2011. It received Gold in the Gay & Lesbian Fiction category of the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards and received a Goldie for Traditional Contemporary Romance.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wynn Malone is Woman-Stirred

Bywater Books, 2014
4:15 Wynn Malone

This week's show features Wynn malone's new novel, Finding the Grain (Bywater Books, 2014).

I found the novel to be an intriguing blend of Jane Rule and Sarah Aldridge. The geographical and chronological details are terrific and authentic. Malone's characters are well developed, engaging, and realistic, with dialogues that reveal quirks of personality and nuanced behaviors. Malone seduces readers into caring for what happens to the characters she has created, and offers us wonderful descriptions of the physical beauty and cultural complexity of The South.

"Augusta 'Blue' Riley’s parents are killed by a tornado in her last month of high
school, Blue is thrown into a world where nothing is what she expected. She moves from her farm in Alabama to North Carolina to be near her aunt and attend college. Interesting classes and the love of sorority girl Grace Lancaster help Blue let go of her grief. But her world is shattered again when Grace abruptly leaves her.
Blue quits college and hits the road. For nearly twenty years she moves from town to town, job to job, woman to woman—always the first to move on—until Blue comes back to the farming life that shaped her childhood. Mississippi Delta farmer Preacher Rowe and his invalid wife Mary put Blue to work plowing the fields and helping in the house. Eventually, Preacher teaches Blue the art and craft of fine woodworking and for the first time since her parents death Blue takes control of her life.
The pull of the mountains brings Blue back to North Carolina where she opens a woodworking gallery. When her lost love walks in the door the strength and serenity Blue thought she found is put to the ultimate test.

Wynn Malone
"Wynn Malone was born and raised in rural Alabama, where she spent most of her childhood roaming around outside, fishing, and occasionally smoking rabbit tobacco. As a federal
employee in natural resource management subject to the whims of Washington politics, she is constantly reminded of the value[s] of patience and perspective" (BWB).

So join us this week on Woman-Stirred Radio for an in-depth conversation with author Wynn Malone.

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