Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jonah Mossberg on Queer Farmers and Farming in the U.S.

I'm excited to welcome Jonah Mossberg to Woman-Stirred Radio. Jonah is a film- director and queer farmer and has produced a documentary film about queer farmers across the U.S. 

It's a film that rocks the plow when it comes to traditional notions of farmers and farming. How exactly does queer farming impact our ever-changing systems of macro and micro food production? Why is it important to identify the impact of queer farmers?  

How exactly does queer farming impact our ever-chnging systems of macro and micro food production?
Why is it important to identify the impact of queer farmers?  

So, if you are thinking: big, strapping, clean-cut farmer smelling of fresh hay, or your stereotypical Auntie Em shooing chickens in a well-worn housedress, think again! Because, what after all, does it all mean, Mrs. Robinson?

Tune in Thursday April 17th at 5 p.m. and find out. In the meantime, we'll play some appropriate tunes in the 4:00 hour until Jonah comes on line.

Nice Garlic!!
Jonah Mossberg is a queer farmer from Northeastern Connecticut. Jonah holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies and Studio Art from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Jonah co-curated Dirtstar 2010: Nightsoil, an event at the 2010 National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco and is a founding member of The Rainbow Chard Alliance, a growing national network of queer farmers and gardeners. For three years Jonah taught gardening to public middle school students at Alice Waters’ revolutionary Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, California. Jonah is a proud seed saver, forager, beekeeper, and aspiring surfer. Most recently, Jonah lived and farmed in rural Northern California before his Saturn Return drew him back to the East Coast to farm just outside his hometown. Out Here is Jonah’s first film project.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lesbian-Feminist Essayist Judith Witherow on Woman-Stirred Radio

Judith K. Witherow (photo by Sue Lenaerts)
Today on Woman-Stirred Radio, I am delighted and honored to welcome Judith Witherow back to the show. Witherow is one of the most feisty, smart, and compassionately in-your-face lesbian-feminists I've ever known.

To wit, she is a poet, essayist, and storyteller. A mixed-blood, two-spirit (lesbian), Native American Irish woman raised in rural Appalachian poverty.  Witherow writes about her life experiences with disability, gender, sexual orientation, race and class from a perspective influenced by her early heritage.

Judith's attentions to feminist issues were always encapsulated by her greater understanding of class and race. Following  the initial excitement of the women's movement was the disillusionment that newly won 'rights'  were for middle-class women who wanted an equal arena with men. very little has changed for women of her background"  (Strong Enough to Bend, p 163).

Judith Witherow speaks truth to power in ways that make us squirm and make us question,  and in the squirming and the questioning we find out what is authentic and what is distraction or opportunistic. 

Now, more than ever, class is the elephant in the living room and the rhetorical bullshit tossed around because, let's face it, American individualism is really all about me-me-me and our immediate interests---unless of course there's a catastrophe and we all weep and wail to ease out collective conscience.

Witherow's new book of essays, Strong Enough to Bend, is hot off the press, and if you want to read something with teeth and discover an essayist bursting with insight, passion, humor, and plain-speaking, check it out. Click on the link and grab a copy.  You won't regret the effort!

And call in to the air studio! Join the conversation! Ask questions and offer your thoughts. That's why we're here on Woman-Stirred Radio. For the women, for the lesbians, for the listeners.



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